Reviews: Fool for Love

We’ve already had an amazing response to our first show. Below you will find some encouraging reviews from reviewers and audience members. Make sure you snag a ticket for tonight or tomorrow – only two performances left.

Kaitlin Williams and Joel Butler as May and Eddie

Kaitlin Williams and Joel Butler as May and Eddie

“…a blazing love story well-told, with powerful, committed performances, strong monologue work, and careful direction that makes the most of the Havana’s tight and intimate space.”
– Richard Dixon, Audience Member

“How lucky are we to have a talented new theatre group to look forward to producing some quality theatre in the city, adding to the thriving arts scene? … Get ready for some high melodrama [in Fool for Love] mixed in with a dose of shock value and top notes of a psychological thriller! For their first outing, Clockwork Theatre has shown they are going to be a force to be reckoned with! Let’s hope they continue to bring noteworthy and sometimes controversial plays and productions to Vancouver audiences.”
– Alan Woo, Fun! Fun! Vancouver!

“Your production of Fool for Love is intimate and arresting, with truly fine performances… people – if you want to see the sort of acting that makes you feel like you’ve got a ringside seat to real people’s most intimate moments, check out this show.”
– Angela Konrad, Vancouver Director

“A master of the pause, Butler is particularly good here as he simmers, never rushing a constrained performance that wonderfully contrasts the unyielding nature of their violent interactions, mostly of the emotional kind. Newly returned to Vancouver stages, Butler is definitely one to keep an eye on. Williams in contrast is the louder of the two, turning on a dime telling Eddie she no longer loves him in one breath, and professing her unending desire for him to be in her life in the next. There is a chemistry between the two that is fully realized.”
– Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents.

“I am completely stunned by the performances I saw tonight. Everyone exceeded my expectations and it’s the best work I’ve seen of Kaitlin. The relationship between Joel and Kaitlin as Eddie and May is absolutely captivating.”
– Audience Member

“Some terrific performances in @clockworkthtr Fool For Love. A really nice pace and actors not afraid of taking a pause.”
– Vancouver Presents, Twitter Post

“An amazing piece of theatre – a must see! Such powerful performances, captivating monologues, and great direction. I’m going to see it a second time!”
Jody Roberts, Audience Member