Hot Hot Poster!

Check out our hella hot poster, created by Jacqui Janzen of Black Jacq Productions. We are in complete awe of it, as should you.

The kids decided to base their devised piece on “Growing Up” They thought, “Hey, we’re most likely going to be the youngest performers at the Fringe, so how can we stick out and bring our age and experience to light?” After many positive and thought-provoking conversations, the students decided it was important to discuss their current issues as youth, their own experiences, and explore their own fears and anticipation as they are about to enter the next phase of their life.

Growing Voices, the name they bestowed upon their devised piece, explores growing up through different genres and eras as they believe the joys and heartaches of growing up are universal and timeless. The play is hilarious and heartbreaking and we can’t wait to share it with Vancouver audiences.