Clockwork Theatre’s Mandate

At Clockwork Theatre we are committed to you – you the theatre artist and you the audience member. We exist for a dual purpose: our mission is to support emerging theatre artists in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area by providing them with opportunities to cultivate their craft and our vision is to challenge Vancouver audiences with hard-hitting stories, interwoven with the delicacy and intricacies of human life.


The idea for Clockwork Theatre presented itself in 2014 when Co-Artistic Producers, and friends, Becky MacDormand and Phil Miguel were casually grabbing a cup of coffee. In the midst of discussing all their hopes and dreams for their theatrical careers, the two discovered that they both have a strong desire to run a theatre company one day. Recognizing that they have opposite skill sets that complement one another and a similar outlook on theatre, MacDormand and Miguel decided to put their talents and determination together and uncovered what is now Clockwork Theatre. The company officially launched in early 2015.

Why Clockwork?

The name Clockwork Theatre was chosen because the company members are on mission to collaborate with as many up and coming theatre artists as possible, and are passionate about unpacking the intricate bits and pieces the make up human life. We believe that the build and functionality of a clock symbolically represents our artistic vision as a clock is made up of a million and one tiny pieces working together with the sole intent to bring one thing to life. In addition, it emphasizes the company’s exploration of how we as human beings are all interconnected and fragile. The mechanics of Clockwork Theatre function to bring the complexity and elaborateness of the human experience to life.

Tick, tock! Making theatre til time runs out.