Hot Hot Poster!

Check out our hella hot poster, created by Jacqui Janzen of Black Jacq Productions. We are in complete awe of it, as should you.

The kids decided to base their devised piece on “Growing Up” They thought, “Hey, we’re most likely going to be the youngest performers at the Fringe, so how can we stick out and bring our age and experience to light?” After many positive and thought-provoking conversations, the students decided it was important to discuss their current issues as youth, their own experiences, and explore their own fears and anticipation as they are about to enter the next phase of their life.

Growing Voices, the name they bestowed upon their devised piece, explores growing up through different genres and eras as they believe the joys and heartaches of growing up are universal and timeless. The play is hilarious and heartbreaking and we can’t wait to share it with Vancouver audiences.




Wooee! Yesterday Green Room Theatre Camp’s IndieGoGo campaign ended and we made our target! Thanks so much to everyone who supported this project, these kids, their talent! Can’t wait to see you at The Vancouver Fringe Festival September 10th – 20th.


Green Room Theatre Camp: Interview with Parent, Brianna

Check out the awe-inspiring interview with one of the camper’s mom. Meeting with the parents at our Meet and Greet Barbeque was phenomenal, and showed us leaders that not only are we putting on a play for the Vancouver Fringe, but we’re breathing into these kids lives and they are changing ours.



We will be collaborating with TWO different production companies this summer to bring Vancouver TWO new bodies of work.


Clockwork Theatre will be co-producing The Stonewater Rapture by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Doug Wright, alongside Pacific Theatre’s apprenticeship company, Stone’s Throw Productions.

For those of you who don’t know, Pacific Theatre brings on emerging artists – typically out of university – as apprentices for their seasons. The apprentices are fortunate to work for and learn from a professional theatre company and are given the opportunity to produce, direct, and act, etc. during their time at Pacific Theatre under the companies sub-company, Stone’s Throw Productions. For her final apprentice project, 2014/2015 apprentice Kayla Heselwood, chose Doug Wright’s, The Stonewater Rapture and quickly asked the Clockwork Theatre team to jump on board and Co-Produce. We read the script, fell in love with Kayla, and immediately said YES!

We hope you are excited as we are! If not – boo hiss, and perhaps the following information will help pump excitement through your veins:


“Carlyle and Whitney are two Texan teenagers on the verge of their sexual awakening. Whitney, who has just been elected president of his church’s youth ministry, desperately tries to seduce Carlyle to avoid further bullying from the other boys at school for being a virgin. Carlyle, however, will have none of it, and she coyly refuses Whitney’s advances while making sure she berates him with the biblical knowledge and religious protocol they have been subject to their entire lives. Through a series of mishap and devastating downfalls, the two struggle to find common ground between their religious upbringing and the harsh realities of the world.”


Director: Phil Miguel
Featuring: Kayla Heselwood & Kenton Klassen
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Eleanor Felton
Set Designer and Lighting Design: Phil Miguel
Costume Designer: Kayla Heselwood
Sound Designer: Becky MacDormand
Props and Set Dress: Sharra Ganzeveld


When: July 8th – 11th, 2015 | 8pm Curtain
Where: 1440 W 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (Pacific Theatre)
Tickets: $10.00
Book tickets by calling (604) 731 – 5518 or visit

Kayla Heselwood as Carlyle in "The Stonewater Rapture"


Clockwork Theatre will be teaming up with Black Jacq Productions to help bring their Vancouver Fringe show to realization. But this won’t be an ordinary Fringe show. Why you ask? Well…

To start, the show is a devised piece (more on this later); and secondly, Black Jacq Productions is crazy-cool and has birthed The Green Room Theatre Camp, which is a six-week evening camp for inner-city high school students in Surrey, BC. How cool is that? Black Jacq is providing teens, who may not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to learn about theatre and perform on a Vancouver stage.

Green Room Theatre Camp concentrates on teaching students the entire life cycle of a theatrical production. Yes, everything! Students will be taught by theatre professionals and then devise their own show for the Vancouver Fringe Festival (September 10th – 20th, 2015).


Devised theatre is a collaborative creation. The students won’t have a script to work off, initially, but through group collaboration will explore story, theme, character, etc. then write a script together, from scratch. Once a rough draft of the script is completed, students will hop on their feet and block the play. As the students physically embody the work they’ve written, further development of the script will occur until a completed play and production is finalized and performance ready.


Co-Artistic Producer of Clockwork Theatre, Becky MacDormand, will be directing this devised piece. Other than that… because we are in the very beginning phases and things are somewhat unknown – you’ll have to keep an eye out for further details this summer (and trust us, there will be a lot of fun updates you won’t want to miss).



For multiple reasons:

  1. Clockwork Theatre just launched its inaugural production, Fool for Love, with tremendous success and we are far too eager to jump back on to the producing-train.
  2. These companies are really cool and Clockwork is all about collaboration. We hope to develop as a company as we learn from these other theatre companies, and hope we can give a nugget of creative-wisdom as well. It’s a win-win-win-win-WIN!
  3. Lastly, and most importantly, as indicated by our mandate, Clockwork theatre’s mission is to “support emerging theatre artists in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area by providing them with opportunities to cultivate their craft.” What better way to do this than work with two companies/programs that focus solely on emerging artists. Stone’s Throw Productions works with artist who are  simply, and quite literally, “A Stone’s Throw” away from professionalism, and Black Jacq Productions is starting right at the beginning by mentoring future theatre artists. This, more than anything, excites Clockwork about our CO-PRO SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA.

Make sure you check out both productions – you won’t want to miss the wildly talented emerging artists we are supporting.

For more information on all three companies please visit:

Oh, and don’t forget, Clockwork Theatre’s first official season will still be announced later this summer, so keep your eyes, ears, and hearts ready! We can’t wait to announce all our big plans.