Introducing: Becky MacDormand

As per our previous production, we’d like to take the time to introduce the cast and crew of The Stonewater Rapture by Doug Wright on our blog. However, we’ve mixed it up a bit and have asked the cast and crew a few questions about themselves and the show.

Today we’d like to start by introducing Clockwork Theatre’s Co-Artistic Producer, Becky MacDormand, who is both co-producing and sound designing the show. Read all about Becky below:


The Stonewater Rapture Questions

Tell us about your theatre background.
I’ve been involved in theatre since I was very young. My mother encouraged me to audition for school plays (my first role was Santa Clause when I was 8-years-old) and put me in acting classes in Elementary School and Middle School. I was often horrified and embarrassed to perform, but she kept at it. When I was 15-years-old, and about to start high school, I signed up for German and Mechanics as my “option” courses, but my mother was relentless and went behind my back, changing my options to Cooking and Theatre. At the time I was grumpy, but now I thank God for insightful mothers, because that’s when everything clicked and I knew theatre is what I should be doing.

In my senior year of high school I had the opportunity to direct my first play, Annie Get Your Gun, and haven’t wanted to do much since. I’ve had wonderful opportunities to direct multiple productions and hope to pursue a professional career in directing and writing. A few credits include: Never Swim Alone and Crimes of the Heart (SAMC Theatre); Holy Mo (META Theatre); The Glass Menagerie (TIC); and Fool for Love (Clockwork Theatre). Luckily I have been fortunate to do the sound design for many productions I have directed and am excited to do so for The Stonewater Rapture as well.

What do you love most about Doug Wright’s The Stonewater Rapture?
I love the questions asked in The Stonewater Rapture. I don’t think the questions asked only concern those discovering their sexuality for the first time, but everyone who struggles with religion – religion being different than following Christ, in my opinion – and the constraints human beings have put on the gospel because of their personal agenda of religion.

Do you relate to any of the characters in the play? If so, in what way?
Absolutely. I too often care too much about what people think, do things I don’t necessarily want to do because I feel I have to, and struggle with the balance between my decision to follow Christ and being in the world but not of it. Many of the questions The Stonewater Rapture ask are questions I have asked and will continue to ask.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this play?
Honestly, I hope audience do not walk away hating the church but realizing that it, like all human organizations, is flawed. I hope audiences are encouraged to love, love, love – just as Christ has called us to.



What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?
“Seen”, when used incorrectly. For instance, if someone were to say “I seen you the other day”, it’d take all I have not to scream.

When you’re not doing theatre, what do you spend your time on?
Nah, just kidding (sorta). Writing (stage plays and screen plays), working on short films, journaling, exercising, spending quality time with my hubby, and catching up with good friends, etc.

What turns you on creatively, emotionally, and spiritually?
Writing, reading, and deep, meaningful conversations.

What turns you off in these ways?
Adults acting like children – whether in jest, or out of their own self-indulgence. Also, trying to work in a messy house.

What is your favourite play?
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis

If you could go on a road trip with anyone (dead or alive) who would you go with, and where would you go?
My grandmother, who passed away when I was 9, to Alaska.

What sound or noise do you love?
Coyotes howling in a distance and thunder storms.

What sound or noise do you hate?
Small, yappy dogs and the voices of self-absorbed, can’t talk about anything but themselves, people.

What is your favorite curse word?

If you were stranded on a desert island for 10 years, what three things would you want with you?
My bible, Patrick, paper (and a pen?)

Do you believe in aliens?
Sure, why not. I can’t imagine we’re the only things living creatures in the universe, I’m just not sure what capacity those other creatures are “living”.

What is your favourite book?
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

What is your favourite movie?
Fight Club or The Fall

What profession did you wish for as a child?
To be a teacher. I suspect I will be at some point in my life.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
An Event Planner or Photographer.

What profession would you not like to do?
Anything where I have to work at a desk my entire life. So, practically the day-job I have now.

What is something people may not know about you?
I really like Shakespeare’s tragedies but am not overly found of his comedies.

What is one of your pet peeves?
One? Oh gosh, I have too many. But, to narrow it down: people who use ellipses in their e-mails, especially when they are ending a sentence and always when used in a business e-mail.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Welcome home, my daughter. I’ve been waiting for you.

For more information on Becky, visit her personal website: